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Giannini Gray Dental Partners has been covered in the local and national press

  • Drs. Giannini and Gray were both featured in Checkbook Magazine’s Top Washington Dentists in the Spring/Summer 2018 issue.

  • Dr. Giannini received the prestigious Sterling V. Mead Award from the DC Dental Society at its annual awards dinner June 2018.

  • Drs. Giannini and Gray were both featured in Washingtonian’s Top Dentists issue, April 2017.

  • Dr. Gray was referenced as a source in a Men’s Health article titled “Floss Every Day” in January 2015.

  • Drs. Giannini and Gray were both named “Top Dentists” in Washingtonian Magazine’s April 2013 issue. They were also interviewed individually for the accompanying article.

  • Dr. Gray was a main reference source for a Washingtonian Magazine article titled “How To Get A Great Smile” in the December 2010 issue, page 112, discussing various cosmetic dental techniques to enhance your smile.

  • Drs. Giannini and Gray were both named Top Dentists by Washingtonian Magazine in October 2009.

  • Dr. Giannini was interviewed by Lesli Foster on WUSA-TV News on May 7, 2009, discussing various methods of whitening your teeth.

  • Dr. Giannini was featured in Politico’s “A Guide to the Top Docs in Washington” feature on June 10, 2008.

  • “Extreme Lengths” by Kara Jesella in the Washington Post, on February 25, 2007. Dr. Giannini was interviewed on patients’ desires to achieve celebrity appearance.

  • “Today, Class, A Lesson in Tooth Repair. Elementary Students Get Free Dental Care” by Susan Levine in the Washington Post on February 8, 2007. Dr. Giannini was interviewed as part of the DC Dental Society’s Give Kids a Smile Day.

  • “The Hole Truth” by Sandra G. Boodman in the Washington Post, November 6, 2006. Dr. Giannini was featured in this Health section article on the dangers of oral piercings.

  • “Top Dentists” featured in Checkbook Magazine, December 2005.

  • Dr. Giannini was interviewed in the Washington Post while participating in “Give Kids A Smile Day.”

  • Dr. Gray was featured on Fox Network News on February 3, 2005. Over a number of segments, he reviewed the increased use of bottled water and sports drinks, and decreased exposure to fluoride and other anti-cavity materials.

  • Dr. Gray addressed an international audience of more than 600 doctors via web telecast during an exclusive presentation on restorative dentistry and the Invisalign procedure, December 4, 2004.

  • “Best Dentists,” Washingtonian; February 2003.

  • “Building A Better Smile,” Washingtonian; February 2003.

  • Dr. Gray was quoted in “Americans have lots of room for improvement in oral hygiene, survey finds,” an article broadcast in the Newhouse News Service, May 2002.

  • “Brighten Your Smile,” Washingtonian; February 2002.

  • “Crest’s 6 Percent Solution,” Washington Post; June 26, 2001.

  • “The Gilded Age of Dentistry,” Washington Post; August 1, 2000. (This article appears courtesy of the author and The Washington Post.)

  • NPR “Talk of the Nation,” anniversary of Highlights for Children; Thursday, February 1, 1996.

Additional Press Coverage

  • Dr. Gray appeared on Washington’s Fox 5 Morning News on Thursday February 26, 2004. Reporter Nancy Lye interviewed him on various whitening techniques and over-the-counter whitening products. In the course of the morning, Fox News followed the progress of two patients that had their teeth laser-whitened in our office.

  • Dr. Gray was featured in the 2003 annual corporate report for Align Technologies. He shared his experience as one of the nation’s leading providers for this new approach to simple orthodontic movement.

  • Dr. Giannini was interviewed in a Washington Post article on January 11, 2003, “One Type of Electric Toothbrush Tops Study,” by Rob Stein.

  • Dr. Gray appeared on Washington’s Fox 5 Morning News with Amanda Bergan on November 15, 2002. He discussed hygiene, food products, and halitosis, and reviewed solutions for bad breath.

  • Dr. Giannini was featured in WAMU radio “Morning Edition” feature on dental decay and the link to bottled water on July 17, 2002.

  • Dr. Giannini appeared on Washington’s Fox 5 Morning News with Mike Gargiulo on July 11, 2002, to discuss the various toothbrushes available to consumers.

  • Dr. Gray was quoted in “Americans have lots of room for improvement in oral hygiene, survey finds,” an article broadcast in the Newhouse News Service, May 2002.

  • An interview with Dr. Giannini was featured on ABC affiliate WDAY-TV in Fargo, North Dakota. It was a discussion on the current challenges that face rural America with regard to access to dental care.

  • Dr. Giannini appeared on WJLA-TV’s “ABC 7 Consumer” segment on “Dental Dots” which aired on July 31, 2001.

  • “Top Dentists,” Washington Consumers' Checkbook; Fall 2001/Winter 2002; Volume 12, No. 1.

  • Dr. Giannini appeared on WJLA TV “Good Morning Washington” Tuesday, May 16, 2001. He represented the District of Columbia Dental Society in support of water fluoridation in light of a referendum in Cumberland, Maryland to discontinue water fluoridation.

  • Dr. Giannini appeared on News Channel 8 “Healthline with Host Dave Lucas,” March 26, 1999.

  • Drs. Giannini and Gray were featured in Washingtonian magazine’s feature, “Top Dentists: Orthodontists, Periodontists, General Dentists and More,” November 1997.

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