T-Scan™ Bite Technology

Drs. Giannini and Gray utilize T-Scan bite sensor technology to precisely capture and interpret our patients’ bite force measurement. Traditionally, articulation paper is used to identify occlusal (bite) force characteristics. The T-Scan allows us to obtain this information faster and with more precision and accuracy than ever before.

With the T-Scan, we can:

  • Resolve undiagnosed pain in the jaw/mouth
  • Manage and adjust implants to minimize breakage
  • Locate and identify traumatic occlusal contacts

Along with the T-Scan mouthpiece, our state-of-the-art digital software helps to identify premature bite contacts, high forces, and the relationship of the bite surfaces.

This helps us eliminate destructive forces on a new restoration, and allows us to provide occlusal analysis for adjustment procedures. Translation: your crowns and bridges will fit better, and any adjustments to your restorations can be done quickly and accurately.

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